Free Thanksgiving Cross Stitch Patterns |

Free Thanksgiving Cross Stitch Patterns |

This Thanksgiving, what are you going to do to stand out? Whether it’s in the food, the party, or the Thanksgiving activities, one great way to stand out is with festive décor. One of the easiest ways to stand out when it comes to decorations is with a cross stitch project, and better yet, a free cross stitch project. We’ve personally searched the web to bring you sites with the best free Thanksgiving cross stitch patterns.

Free Thanksgiving Cross Stitch Patterns

Free Patterns Online: At Free Patterns Online, you can choose from some of the best free Thanksgiving cross stitch patterns on the net. We particularly enjoy the turkey design for its unique use of color and ease of creation. Great for both adults and children alike, we can’t say enough about Free Patterns Online! This site is one of our favorites this year because it has 8 wonderful patterns to choose from that will delight anyone! Ranging from invitation patterns to cornucopia banners, is one of our top selections. Hit the link and start stitching!

Free Patterns: We can’t stop telling everybody about Free Patterns! Ranging from the simple to complex, Free Patterns can meet the cross-stitching goals of both kids and adults alike. With such selections as “Thanksgiving Blessings,” “Time for Thanks,” and “Thanksgiving Décor,” we’re sure you’ll find something you like!

Cross Stitch 4 Free: Why use Cross Stitch 4 Free? You’ll be the toast of the town this year with patterns from Cross Stitch 4 Free because of the amazing designs offered. The pilgrim design is the nicest touch, in our opinion, and is strikingly unique and memorable. You’ll be returning next year, guaranteed.

Cyber Stitchers: Cyber Stitchers is one word: amazing! We highly recommend this site for quality over quantity, and we found the “Happy Thanksgiving” pattern to be a unique addition to any Thanksgiving décor set. You simply can’t pass this site up, so head on over for a treat!

Well, there you are, 5 of the best sites on the web for free Thanksgiving cross stitch patterns. We believe that these are the best resources out there, and during our searches the differences were clear.

Well, now that you have the patterns just grab the supplies, and ready, set, cross stitch!