Free Easter Clipart |

Free Easter Clipart |

Free Easter Clip Art

Clip Art is great pre-made images that we can use to make our documents more animated. During the Easter season, sending a plain black and white Easter greeting card can be dull especially to the one who is receiving it.This is where Easter clip art can come in handy. We all know that it can be expensive to pay for the use of a premium clip art, so we searched the Internet to find the best Easter clip art for you.

Web Weaver: Webweaver has seven categories of free Easter clip art. You can choose from Easter bunnies, chicks, painted eggs, baskets and Happy Easter signs. This is a a good site if you want to use clip art for your Easter Egg Hunt decorations. Also, you will find that some of their clip art in the “Happy Easter signs” categories are animated.

Hellas Multimedia: This is one of the sites that has an extensive collection of clip art. You can choose from more than 200 images  of Easter bunnies, eggs, cross and other signs. The great thing is that almost all of their clip art is animated. The children would love to have this clip art for their Easter projects.

A Kid’s Heart: This site offers four pages of cute clip art which are seemingly designed to suit the eyes of a little child. The images are pastel-colored making them have a cooling effect to the viewer. If you want to teach your little tot about Easter, I think you can use some of this clip art as instructional tools.

The Kidz Page: Now, if you are talking about cool and unique clip art, thekidzpage can surely deliver what you need. The Easter clip art that they offer are truly out o the ordinary. They have made clip art images of bunnies, eggs, chicks flowers and other Easter signs look more appealing especially to pre-school to school children. The clip-art are for personal and classroom use. Read their terms of use before downloading.

I Byte Media: I Byte Media offers 13 unique Easter clip art with Easter eggs, bunnies, ang other signs as subjects. Although there aren’t many to choose from, the clip art that you can download are big enough not to pixelate if you want to use it in a document. The images are in .png format, so you may want to check if your browser supports this type of format. Nevertheless, the images have vivid colors which is important in a clip art. With three pages of free Easter clip art, we think that the best aspect of this site is that it offers handmade (penciled) clip art. This is great if you want to deviate from the usual computer-generated clip art. Also, there are a few clip art that are transparent which is important if you want to embed the image as natural as possible. The site allows you to use these clip art in your social media accounts such as Facebook or Myspace. Please read their site policies before downloading.

Christian Unite: This site is best for people who are looking to download Christian Easter clip art. The site is very easy to navigate as the clip art were already grouped according to their specific topics. Furthermore, there is an info about the clip art format, file and image size. This is a great site if you are looking to find clip art which depict the journey of Jesus during the season of lent.

Packrat Pro: This site offers an array of Easter clip art. The images are fully colored and will surely fill your eyes. The site’s owner even included her own hand-made Easter egg clip art. Most of the clip art found in this site are in .jpeg format.

Brownie Locks: This is one of our favorite sites because of the uniqueness of the Easter clip art. The clip art that the site offers are hand-made water colored images that were converted into clip art. These clip art are great if you want to utilize a distinct and childlike clip art. You will surely love them So hit the link button to find out what were are talking about.

Best Design Options: Now to give you a real treat, this site has over 300 clip art for you to choose from. What makes this site indispensable is the fact that their Easter clip art are in Vector graphics format. Compared to bitmap files (i.e gif, jpeg),vector format boasts of superior resolution. This is great if you need to print the clip-art because the resolution is maintained. The format is in EPS (Encapsulated Postscript) which can be read in Adobe. So hit the link and start downloading these great finds.