FREE Men’s Underwear Offer |

FREE Men’s Underwear Offer |

Here is a FREE men’s underwear offer by is definitely not your everyday offer.

With 5 great style selections of high quality Twink products to choose from, men the world over will feel and look savvy and sexy.

For a limited time only, is offering free underwear. It’s true! This online store is offering blue, red and white bikini briefs and boxers and other colors and sizes. Since when can you pick out your own free sample in the size and colour you want? Since today, that’s when.

Wear em’ long, wear em’ short, wear em’ in fluorescent green or sky blue. Underwear is no longer the old, boring briefs from yesteryear. The guys who designed these lengths, colours and styles have innovative minds. Back a few generations ago, little kids wore their superheroes on their underwear. Matching blue and red t-shirt and short sets bore the picture and name of their favourite comic book hero. Most notable was Superman in red and royal blue with a big S on the chest. But there were also Scooby Doo, Spiderman and a host of others. Maybe some of today’s cool designers got the ideas from their childhood undergarments?

Little girls have always had Barbie pictures on their underwear. Grown ladies have always had sexy panties and bras. Now the guys are no longer left out. As the free underwear samples attest to, men’s underpants are bright, very brief and anything but boring. So don’t miss this opportunity to try out the brief of the modern man. Get your free underwear at today while supplies last! Only applies to Twink brand and shipping fees apply.

FREE while supplies last! Twink Underwear Solid Longbox – Back by popular demand, this comfy men’s longbox feels and looks like a dream. This formfitting boxer provides extra support that runs to mid thigh. Skillfully tailored and made from 100{436424e3649b0c1653c96a1dcd4282c9894712b569bd81f6643d73d9ccf58514} luxury cotton, this longbox provides exceptional comfort, breathability and durability, and can be worn to bed, around the house or for a night out. Don’t miss your chance to fill your drawer with this limited time offer!

Please note that you are responsible for the shipping cost.